Celek Off and away to A Monster

Celek Off and away to A Monster

Celek finished last Sunday’s game with eight catches for 157 yards. More to the point, he would be a key part of the Eagles’ dramatic home opening win up against the

Baltimore Ravens. Quarterback Michael vick targeted his tight end early and the most useful, and the Ravens were unable to keep Celek down.

„You just have to manage to find the soft spots,” he was quoted saying Wednesday. „(It is important to) know where people going to be versus certain coverages. Certain plays

that will get you some spots this means you just have to ensure you get there in regular basis so Mike can see you.”

In case the Eagles needed him Sunday, Celek responded. Using his team driving to the field to adopt lead in the fourth quarter, Celek hauled by 50 percent critical passes for 37

yards. When safety Bernard Pollard took him to the ground with a a nice touch, he popped back up. And then in an impressive display of athletic prowess, he leapt over future Hall of

Famer Ed Reed to receive a few tough extra yards on the third quarter.

„He played a serious part in Sunday’s win,” Vick said Wednesday. „He did the whole set of right things ¡§C he caught the ball, he ran good routes. He did just what we know Brent can

do. It’s gratifying towards the team to be aware of that we have a great great tight end.”

Celek and Vick were teammates for three years now, and their chemistry was presented last Sunday. Vick has targeted Celek 19 times at this point this season, tied for ones team

lead. He’s got 12 catches for 222 yards, which ranks first among all NFL tight ends and fourth among all receivers.

„I think just playing together for a few years, that’s some thing which helps,” Celek said. „We understand 1 another; where I’m going to be. I sorts of understand when he’s going

to throw it where text messaging isn’t be. Therefore it is good in that position.”

The contributions of Celek help make the Eagles offense too much more potent. In place of zeroing in a single or two players, opposing defenses must be the reason for every receiver, back

and tight end wearing midnight green. And Celek’s performance Sunday is proof that each and every player on offense is capable of contributing greatly.

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